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Who heard about Cyclone Nilam?

So, Hurricane Sandy didn’t reach India – but Cyclone Nilam did, bringing heavy rains, strong winds, high waves, and heavy floods across south of India earlier today. 100,000 people were evacuated on the coast of Bay of Bengal in Tamil … Continue reading

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5 + 1 things I Love about India

After quite a few rants about American politics, upcoming presidential election, the sad state of gender equality and women’s rights, and why I sometimes hate India, I think it is about time for a more upbeat positive post, and particularly … Continue reading

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Challenging my assumptions

I distinctively remember one of my first meals in India, in 2007 when I first visited this country. After me and my then boyfriend, now husband, were finished with the meal, the waiter brought to the table two things along … Continue reading

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The Perceived Neutrality of the Internet

I met my now husband almost six years ago. I think I might be a bit too young to use the phrase “back then” without sounding like a total idiot, but given the lack of a better phrase, back then, in … Continue reading

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What the F*** is Wrong With Us?

There are days when I feel very optimistic about this world we live in. I know there are endless numbers of individuals, collectives, civil society groups, organizations, companies, agencies and movements out there, working as hard as they can to … Continue reading

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Familiarity of Foreignness

I was sitting on my couch this evening, wasting time on the internet, when I received a text message from a new friend of mine who I have had the absolute joy and pleasure to meet through my new job … Continue reading

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