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I cannot vote in the United States Presidential Election – but if you can, you should. Here’s Why.

I am passionate about human rights and civil liberties. I think all citizens of each and every country should have the ability to choose their government, choose their leaders, and choose their president. I think every voice and vote should … Continue reading

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Opening and closing doors.

On March 18, 2011 I wrote my first post on this blog, titled “About Longing and Belonging”. The post was about the definition of “home”, the sense of belonging or, the lack there of, and about how lucky I am … Continue reading

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It’s about more than Money, Mr. Romney.

Boy, I would not want to be in Romney’s shoes right now. It seems every time he opens his mouth, what comes out is better campaign material for Obama than anything his own people could ever come up with (no … Continue reading

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The day X-Factor made me cry – and why it should make you cry too.

I am a few days behind the masses in acknowledging a spine-chilling, gut-wrenching performance of a 19-year old Jillian Jensen on X-Factor, which aired in the US on Wednesday night, and here in India on Friday. Jillian came on stage … Continue reading

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We Need to Remember More.

9/11 was, and is, a collective grief. Thousands of people lost loved ones on that day, and tens and hundreds of millions felt that loss, grief, pain, anger and fear in their bones and cells around the world. It was … Continue reading

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Why I sometimes hate India – and Why it is Okay.

“I love to travel. I love to see new countries, and get to know new cultures, and taste new foods, and hear new music, and meet local people, and just expand my world views. I just love, love, love to … Continue reading

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Engagement Celebration in Kochi, Kerala

Much has happened in the past week here under the cloudy and fickle Indian sky. Me and the husband embarked on our first, albeit short, trip outside Bangalore since moving here as we traveled to Kochi, Kerala, this past weekend … Continue reading

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