A Woman’s Manifesto

I was born a girl, but before I was a girl, I was a human being, equal in rights and dignity to all other human beings on this planet. I was born with the right to life, liberty, and freedom of opinion. I was born with the right to education, health care, security and freedom of expression. I was born with the right to live my life as I see fit, as long as I break no laws or infringe on other peoples’ rights and liberties with my behavior. I was born with the right to not be discriminated against, mistreated, threatened or insulted due to my gender. Because I am a Human first – and my gender has nothing to do with my worth.

I was born a girl, and girls grow up to be women. Us women, we make up for 50% of the world’s population. And we make up for 100% of the world’s population with the ability to give birth. Our bodies are built in a way that allows us to carry within us the beginning of a new human being, nurture it in our wombs for nine months, and then give birth to a new life. As a woman, I recognize that this is a wonderful, priceless ability – but our ability to bear children does not define us as human beings. It is not what makes us worthy. It is not what makes us human. We are not brought on this earth to procreate any more than men are – we are not born to be incubators of new generations. We are born human – and our humanity or our womanhood are not defined by our reproductive organs or decisions.

As a woman, I will raise my voice to fight against petty and selfish politics that aim to curb my and other women’s rights to health care and to life saving health services. As a woman, I will not tolerate the government dictating what I can and cannot do with my own body. My reproductive organs are neither republican nor democratic territory. Politics has no place there. As a woman, and as a human being, I find it absolutely appalling and offensive that my private life and health are suddenly made into the new war zone of modern politics, as if my health – and my life – is a pawn in someone else’s game, which I have no control over. I never signed up to play this game.

As a woman, I will stand up to bigotry and gender based discrimination, especially when it is being carried out by a government – a government that has no business in my bedroom, in my sex life, or in my reproductive life. As a woman, I will not stand for these grave violations of my privacy, and of my human worth and dignity, that are currently being planned and carried out by individuals and political parties. As a woman, I will not allow any government or political party make my health decisions and reproductive decisions for me.

So take your petty politics the hell out of my womb and my vagina. Our bodies are our own – and no government should have control over them. Because we are a Human first – and our gender has nothing to do with our worth.

If you share my opinions and thoughts about these issues, please take a stand, spread the word, and fight against government-led gender based discrimination with your vote. Sigh this petition, or start your own – write your congress person, talk to people and stand up for women’s and girls’ rights, in this country and globally. Share this post with friends and colleagues, and make your own manifesto.These are not some special liberties and freedoms we are demanding – these are basic civil and human rights. And we shouldn’t have to fight for them.

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